About Gianni DiMeglio

Gianni DiMeglio is an active member of his community in Fairfield, Connecticut. Gianni has a passion for helping people reach their highest potentials, and he pursues this passion in a number of ways.

One of the most important causes in Gianni’s life is helping children, especially those in lower income families. He devotes a lot of time to nonprofit fundraising events and galas which give  these families the advantages they need to succeed. From June 2011 to April 2013 Gianni was on the Stepping Stones Museum for Children Gala Committee. He helped out on important events which raised money for the museum’s wide-reaching education initiatives. One of Gianni’s ongoing goals is to make learning more accessible to children who have special needs, whether they are physical or emotional.

Gianni is also involved in Norwalk High School, where he has coached the football team since August of 2011. He has a background in football himself. He played the sport for two years during his time at Marist College, where he received a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a concentration in finance and a minor in accounting. Gianni originally decided to volunteer at Norwalk and help out the football program after a few of his coach friends encouraged him to get involved. However, Gianni was quickly inspired by the passion of both the team and the school administration, and he decided to work his way up to assistant coach.

A professional coaching position not only allows Gianni to better himself as a coach and a leader, but encourage and develop the strengths of the talented students at Norwalk. Gianni is a firm believer that becoming a better player can lead to becoming a better person because so many of the qualities of a good player (strength, concentration, fitness) serve people well in other aspects of life too.

In addition to coaching, Gianni mentors students at the school as well. He is passionate about guiding young people through some of the most crucial turning points in their lives, especially regarding college applications.

When Gianni is not at school he is spending time at home with his own two children and his wife. He also enjoys traveling, an interest that was sparked back during his time as a student. While at Marist he studied abroad in Australia and completed an outreach program in Mexico; these two trips inspired him to become the traveler he is today.