3 $1 Million Powerball Tickets Sold in Connecticut

This past week, the news has been literally abuzz with the knowledge that the power ball lottery reached a prize of $1.3 BILLION after no one won during the previous drawing. Needless to say, this is the highest prize any lotto in the United States (if not the world) has ever reached and it’s very likely that it will never get that high again. As was expected, Americans across the country bought power ball tickets in bulk, all hoping to make history and become wealthier than their wildest dreams. While no one in Connecticut won the grand prize, a number of people did become much wealthier.lottery

When the drawing of the power ball was over, three people in Connecticut won $1 million. Along with those lucky 3, 11 other people won prizes over $50,000, with some getting up to $100,000. While these obviously aren’t as big a prize as the main power ball drawing, these numbers are nothing to scoff at and will change the lives of every person who ended up winning. The three $1 million tickets shared the winning numbers of the power ball grand winner (8-27-34-4-19) but didn’t have the power ball number of ten that would’ve brought in the big pot. According to the Connecticut lottery, these tickets were drawn in Hartford County, New London County and Fairfield County.

Connecticut ended up having a total of 350,629 winning tickets sold, with the prizes ranging anywhere from $4 to $200. This is a huge amount of tickets and while many people walked away disappointed, there is a silver lining. Ticket sales topped out at $50.1 million, meaning that about $21.4 million went into the state’s General Fund. The General Fund supports social services across the state that are used by all citizens in the state including healthcare, education, public safety, and more. While that leaves a lot of money not going to public services, it’s important to realize that the money that is going to it will be of great use to those in need.

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