With New Business Campus, Tech Comes to New Haven

A large and fascinating change is being made to New Haven’s architectural landscape, with a former transit station about to get a glamorous makeover. The New Haven Board of Alders has a plan to transform the station into a new tech-business campus. The decision was made on the night of Monday March 7th, 2016, when the New Haven Board of Alders voted in approval of a development and land disposition agreement. The agreement proposed the disposal of the former transit property, which is located at 470 James Street, to a locally based partnership. This partnership is made up of Eric O’Brien, of Urbane of New Haven LLC, and of David Salinas, of Digital Surgeons.

But handing the property over to this partnership is just the beginning of this lavish plan. Salinas and O’Brien intend to redevelop the land into a business campus. The design will have a focus on technology companies. This new structure and its focus means a good deal for the job market in the area.

Gianni DiMeglio

With the construction of a business campus, New Haven is hoping to become a tech hub.

At the moment, the 6.5-acre property is vacant due to the fact that it is owned by the state. This vacant property is also tax exempt. Once the site is developed, it is expected to result in new real and personal property taxes. The developer will work alongside New Haven Works in order to make sure that local residents are prioritized in the hiring process.

The property currently takes up 195,000 square feet and the specifics have already been decided. 100,000 square feet will be kept and restored and the remaining 95,000 square feet will be demolished for remediation. The developers will also add 5,000 square feet of new construction. In order to clean up the site, the state of Connecticut has granted $5.5 million in remediation money.

Mayor Toni Harp strongly advocates for the creation of economic opportunities for residents, and he works to put city land back on the tax roles. Harp believes that the redevelopment of the transit station will largely carry out this mission. It is projected to retain around 100 jobs and to allow businesses to hire around 200 to 300 new jobs and various skill levels.

Connecticut Senate President Martin Looney feels strongly that bringing technology jobs to the New Haven area will have extremely positive effects, as he believes that Connecticut’s economic competitiveness is fueled by innovation. In addition, the redevelopment of the site will lead to the maintenance and growth of City businesses that already exist, while also drawing new promising enterprises to the area. Looney also expressed joy with regard to developer’s commitment to working with the City to help build a tech career ladder in New Haven. Overall, this redevelopment is likely to make a big impact on New Haven’s community by providing careers.